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The Stone Hill National Advantage

Stone Hill has been your partner in the employer benefits space since 1989.  With our partnership with Employee Navigator we bring something unique and valuable to you and your employer groups - something that is difficult to find anywhere else.

  • We will create and configure your employer groups on Employee Navigator for you
  • We will set up all the carrier integrations your employer group has with Employee Navigators best of class carrier integration network.
  • We will make all updates to carriers and coverages as they change and/or are added.
  • We will test and train your employer groups on their Employee Navigator portal - on your behalf.
  • We will always have you front and center as the agent and broker.
  • We can re-create and take over existing Employee Navigator groups you may have, so everything is under one roof.
  • Pricing is simple: .70 cents per employee per month, or less, depending on carrier integrations with Employee Navigator. We can invoice the employer group or you as the agent/broker - your choice.
  • Contact Amy Roberts for pricing, creation timelines, and the groups benefit integration details.

Contact us at 801-363-1215 for all the details.

Now, that puts you at an Advantage!


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